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Privacy Policies:

At PLAYINEXCHANGE, we are committed to protect and respect your privacy and maintaining the confidence and trust of our PLAYINEXCHANGE customers.

This Privacy Notice explains to the user how and why his data is collected, by using our website and all variants including our Android and IOS mobiles, why information is collected, and how it is kept secure.

1. What type of personal Info do we collect?

We collect your personal information when you interact with us and when you use our services. Sometimes, All your data is provided to us by you – like while you register for the first time or get in touch with us. In rare cases, third parties or public sources provide us information about you.

Information you provide to us At registration:

  • User details, such as Name, Email address, telephone or mobile number, gender & date of birth;
  • Sometimes, Photographic identification and proof of address documents (Identifying genuine user or not).
  • Banking & financial details for withdrawal purpose(to establish the source of transaction where a withdrawal is involved).
  • Your account login details, such as your username (for Account related issues).

2.Why do we collect Personal Info on what basis?

As a service provider, We all recognize the trust & confidence our customers place in us. In return, PLAYINEXCHANGE is open about why we collect user data. First and foremost, the collection of user information is essential for providing the online services and products you want. In addition, USER data is used to personalize and improve your experience using our products and to contact you with important information;

  • To provide better casino and betting services, activities, or online content, And to provide information about offers, and to deal with user requests and queries.
  • To provide services with a user-friendly online experience;
  • Contact you about our assistance, for example by phone, email, or social media;
  • Manage you choose to enter;
  • Invite you to take part in and manage promotions and competitions, customer surveys, and other market research activities carried out by PLAYINEXCHANGE.
  • However, if our executive contact you about this, you do not have to take part in this activity then you can tell us that not interested in market research, then we will respect your choice, and this option will not affect your account to use our services).

3. Cookies and Similar Products

PLAYINEXCHANGE's websites use cookies for various purposes.

We use cookies for the following reasons:

  • To identify the Account Holder preferred language, so we can automatically get to know when the Account Holder returns to the official Website;
  • Cookies used to ensure that wagers placed by the Account Holder with the Account Holder's betting Account;
  • To ensure if the Account Holder is eligible for any bonuses for which they provide.
  • Analyzing the Website traffic by the user of PLAYINEXCHANGE.

4. When do we share your personal information?

PLAYINEXCHANGE does not share USER personal data with third parties outside for marketing purposes. However, we have circumstances when we share user data with other companies, with third parties that provide services to you on our behalf, and with other third parties in the course of complying with our legal obligations. Other examples of when we share your personal information include when we enter any kind of alliance or business sale, as customers' data is likely to be included in the sale/transfer. We would inform the user before affecting such transfer of personal info. Even when it is shared, we ensure that user personal info will only be used for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.

5. How long will PLAYINEXCHANGE keep my data?

We will only retain user info needed to fulfill the expectations for which they are collected. While you are a user, we will need to retain your information to meet our legal requirements. However, when you stop using PLAYINEXCHANGE's Services, we will still retain user data for some time. There are many reasons why we retain your info, these include:

  • To comply with legal obligations under local laws (for example, country/state regulations, or licensing regulations);
  • To establish or defend legal claims (eg. negligence claims) which was made against our rules;
  • To comply with contractual commitments and rights to the information associated;

Your obligations :

By using this site and by providing your data, they acknowledge that users are required to provide their original, accurate data requested by PLAYINEXCHANGE. Furthermore, the user must inform us of any changes to his information to ensure that kept up-to-date.

If we found that the information you provide is incomplete or false, we immediately retain the right to reject the application or to suspend your account immediately without notice. In such cases, the user has no right to any compensation due to the suspension or termination of his account.